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Andrea Davis, Family Constellation Work
andrea davis family constellation work
My journey as a healer began with the absolute commitment to healing my own pain. Why, I wondered, had years of therapy not relieved me? I was still prone to great bouts of sadness and unable to fulfill what I knew I was capable of. I also found that every time I tried what I hoped might be the miracle cure, or at least the next step, significant change still did not occur. Finally, I resolved to live as I was, which to the outside eye appeared to be an accomplished life, rather than disappoint myself further.
At this point, my ex-therapist, a man I hadn’t spoken to in eight years, called me with a proposal. He wanted me to experience ‘Family Constellation Work’ facilitated by a protégé of its founder, Dr. Bert Hellinger, a renowned German psychotherapist.
The session was profoundly insightful and rooted out longstanding issues, as well as pain I carried for my family. “Is it always this way?” I asked.
The answer was, and has continued to be ‘yes.’ The work unerringly goes to the heart of a problem, far beyond a person’s ability to articulate it. The insights gained are immediate and lead to lasting change.
I do this work because it works. The chase for some elusive miracle cure has subsided. I found it was my gift to facilitate this level of healing in others.

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Insights are those true “ah ha” moments, breakthroughs that allow you to see things with more clarity than ever before. Seemingly unanswerable questions are brought to light. Issues you have long struggled with resolve.

Real life change and steps forward begin with insights. Without them, we continue to move in the same direction, running into the same walls.
In life, we strive for happiness and fulfillment. We struggle in pain and bask in pleasure, mapping out our course.
When we get stuck, it’s usually due to fear. We don’t know or trust our future. We stay in jobs or relationships that prevent our forward movement. We may feel our only choices are staying or going--both are fraught with fear, depression and anxiety.

First, let me describe what it isn’t.
It isn’t psychotherapy, hypnosis or fortune telling. There is no patient lying on a couch explaining what he said….she said.
Psychotherapy has tremendous value in rethinking the past and observing how it affects who you are today. Insights learned in this fashion can take years and are colored by your remembrance of them as you reflect them to a therapist.
At the beginning of your session, you will be “centered” or relaxed in a way that allows you to best articulate your goals and desired outcome.
The facilitator then illuminates the soul of the situation, allowing all aspects of it to emerge. You will experience your life in a profoundly truthful way. The answers you seek will be revealed, leading to a course of action that is bright, focused and unstuck.
Truth moves energy. Clarity and wisdom about your life path are guaranteed. Why? Because it comes from a part of you that you now have access to.
As strange as this sounds, it is. It’s very different than anything you’ve tried and can only be understood by experiencing it.
Read the testimonials from doctors, therapists and other professionals.

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I’m a doctor and try to be as objective as possible, but still can’t seem to understand how you do it. I’m smart enough to find places to go where I’m helped. You offer insights that I can’t find anywhere else. I know many doctors and I place you with few others (not just in L.A., but the country). Thank you again…you are truly gifted.

--Dr. Rick Morris, Team Doctor for U.S. Olympic Trials Medical Team, L.A. Clippers and U.C.L.A. Track and Field

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One session with Andrea Davis is life changing. As a primary care physician with a keen interest in body-mind-spirit medicine, I'm delighted to be able to send patients to Andrea. She has a special, unusual gift. Better than Prozac, better than psychotherapy, she's like a vitamin pill for the soul.

--Dr. Katherine Margolin, M.D.

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Dr. Benjamin Shields
The family constellation session I did with Andrea Davis came at a pivotal point in my life. I was grieving over the death of a loved one. Andrea's work assisted me to experientially gain insight as well as to help me let go. I have deep respect for Andrea and the work that she does.

--Benjamin Shield, Ph.D.

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I don’t believe in magic. In fact, I’m deeply skeptical about most therapeutic work falling outside of the bounds of mainstream science. But I must say this: Andrea is a magician. To be seen so clearly – more clearly than I could have seen myself – this is precious and rare. Through her words and gestures and presence, I could recognize those forgotten yet vaguely familiar parts of my mind – and through this remembering, a profound sense of wholeness arose. Not all of what we discovered was flattering, but it was uncannily true and ultimately, deeply affirming and liberating. I cannot say if you will have the same experience as I did. I can only say that I found the experience startlingly beautiful.

--Matthew Brensilver, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA School of Medicine

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Andrea Davis Family Constellation Work
What does Family Constellation Work have to do with mindfulness and insight meditation?

Andrea's work is a unique and brilliant dharma play, designed to help you see your mental fabrications in the light of deep caring. When Andrea gives voice to your 'soul' -- the too-often buried, wide-awake awareness within -- your own deepest knowing can be affirmed. Andrea's work can be a profound validation of your own intuitive sense of things, a great antidote to self-doubt. This work enhances your mindfulness and self-compassion practice by illuminating that which has been outside of awareness. And whatever lies outside of awareness can hold untold power over our lives.

--Trudy Goodman
Executive Director & Founder of InsightLA

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The clarity with which Andrea saw my situation was astounding. How could she put herself in people’s places? How could she reach into the depths of their souls? The answer is that I really don’t know, but our session had tremendous impact on my self-perception, which has made all the difference. She showed me my ‘true self.’ I’ve never undergone psychoanalysis but can’t imagine it being more effective.

--Lieba Rudolph, Spiritual Teacher of Hassidic Judaism

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Andrea Davis is extremely gifted…this work is certainly her calling. It relieved me of a tremendous burden and gave me more freedom.

--Tarnie Fulloon, P.T., M.A., Physical Therapist for the Australian Olympic Team

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victoria rowan
Andrea Davis’ insights, delivered with great humor, warmth and generosity of spirit—from only one session provided transformational healing to longstanding emotional wounds. After this session I was literally dancing for joy—and this newfound liberation has had a lasting impact.

--Victoria Rowan, owner of Ideasmyth

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I have been a recipient of this work with Andrea Davis and can honestly say…it bridges the gap between body and intellect by accessing the real feelings hidden under our compulsions and obsessions. I would recommend this to anyone as an adjunct to the therapeutic model or even on its own.

--Dr. Raina Manuel-Paris, Professor, Art Institute of California, Los Angeles

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Our session was truly amazing for me, and really shifted some things that had been very much weighing on me but for which I had never realized the cause. Truly, truly, one of the most significant experiences of my life. I cannot possibly put into words how much I appreciate the focus and skill that you brought to the session. Best of all, I have maintained and strengthened the feelings I took from my session with you. I feel lighter, happier and clearer about who I am and what I want.

--Michelle S., Litigation Attorney

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Since our session, I have had the experience of more joy, non-stop energy and an abundance of love. My friendships are much stronger and have grown tenfold. I have left my exclusive relationship and now at every turn, I find other prospects ready and willing to embrace me with love. I now try to represent myself in a way that is very honest to my heart.

--Z. Hwang
Los Angeles

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Sometimes the simplest change in perspective can allow a great shift to occur. I believe the best way to get somewhere
is the most direct and often the simplest. What I heard spoken by Andrea affected me on a cellular level . Afterwards, I noticed a visceral and
profound change. I am grateful for the opportunity. Andrea's work is truly a gift.

--Mark Sherman
Creative Director

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The work I did with Andrea Davis over several sessions was more helpful to me than any other work I have done. I wake up in the morning with a sense of joy rather than the anxiety and depression I had been feeling for many years. Family Constellation work is amazing!

--Jeannette Sanger
Practitioner of 'Healing Touch' therapy

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After years of traditional psychotherapy I was drawn to Andrea's work by the undeniable true voice of my authentic self, as she reflected it to me. Change came. Painful as it always is, change so solid and expansive that I will never give myself up again. I don't understand Andrea's gift and facility, but I do understand the value of slipping beyond the mind I've been fixed inside of, to hear what is never heard. That voice is safe, endlessly powerful and true. Andrea gave it back to me. No greater gift was ever given.

--Melissa W. Blessing
Mother, Color and Image Consultant